Tuesday 25th July

Hello all,

My day was very busy. It started off with the warm sun entering my room, and though at first I wanted to go back to sleep, I took a little stroll to a nearby convenience store. When we go to work, the plan for today was to make soap, and start brainstorming ideas to facilitate Kuriya-san’s expansion to other regions of Japan, and soon Taiwan.

I really understood what what this product such high quality today. The raw materials are all natural, and the fragrances are that are added are particularly reinvigorating. Takashi, Yuzuki (who’s working here for many weeks this summer- and is a soap making master instructor) had a good time making seaweed soaps. Look at those smiles:)


All good fun.

Later that day, After further improving Kuriya-san’s motivation and vision from his what he wants to offer consumers, we began the brainstorming process. I must say, it is hard work coming up with tangible ideas, but extremely fulfilling when the foundation of this business is so pure. Wholesome engagement with nature, revitalising the customer and the its founding town of Onagawa, are just a few, and theyb are enough motivation for Takashi and I to think deeply about initiatives that can make a difference.

We got some good ideas onto paper (more on those later), and Kuriya-san was pleased with our progress.

For dinner, we were treated to sashimi, tuna and salmon, and some other delicasies that I’ve never tried before. It is my understanding that if you want hugh quality seafood at more than reasonable prices and the freshest possible, there is no other place to be but Onagawa. As a young man who’s grown up around water and enjoys a more relaxign way of life (accompanied by delicious seafood), I feel at home here.

Signing off for now,
Joshua Runako Daniel

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