Teacher for a day. 1日限りの先生

Teacher for a day. 1日限りの先生

Teacher for a day.



On Thursday, after doing some careful picture editing of the shops in Onagawa, I got invited to a Korean BBQ dinner where I met quite a few people. I had Yakiniku before, but never the Korean version of it. They share the same idea (grilling meat) but the process and ingredients are very different. Both are tasty and ideal when you have a big party at home.




During dinner I spoke to some of the people (Yuki San and Akiko San) and found out that they were doing some English conversation classes at the local school. I then accepted their invitation to go on the next day at the school to chat briefly with the students involved and, possibly, help them out with their English studies.




They were all aged between 13 and 14. What surprised me the most, is that they also do some Skype conversation practice with students from Philippines. This is the first time for me seeing this method being used and, in the long term, it can create some long-lasting distant friendships, as well as being a way to improve their communication skills.




All the students kindly introduced themselves to me and shared some of their interests and hobbies. The main task of the lesson was to write down (possibly in English) some of the features offered in Onagawa. They all came up with different ideas: some students talked about its delicious seafood at Hama Terrace, others focused more in the natural aspect of the town and others just suggested me to listen to the many sounds around.




It was a first time for me to be on the teacher spot and I hope to join them again next week, if I am not too busy.




Work at the Ceramika Factory is going great, both the tiles making and video recording are proceeding up to schedule. I just need few more shots and the whole video will be ready for further editing.




The other day I spent several hours drawing on ceramic tiles that will then be sold to public. I had to make 40 of them and I can honestly say that I felt relieved once I completed the 40thone. My back and neck were hurting, but everyone, included myself, was satisfied with the overall result.




It’s so exciting to get the chance to learn about this art almost everyday.





Translated into Japanese by Dennis Chia



Alberto Giordano
Alberto Giordano
Hi everyone! My name's Alberto, I'm Italian and currently studying Marketing with Digital media in Edinburgh (UK). I came to Onagawa to learn more about their reconstruction project and also to make a video about a local business - Onagawa Ceramika Factory.
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