Futsal and Okonomiyaki party! フットサルとお好み焼きパーティー!

Futsal and Okonomiyaki party!  フットサルとお好み焼きパーティー!

Futsal and Okonomiyaki party!


Last Sunday I took part in a Futsal tournament organised here in Onagawa. We had to face some very competitive teams that probably play Futsal very often in their spare time. Our team had only 2/3 members who can be considerate experts, the rest of the team (myself included) probably never played before and were more confident with Basketball instead.


After six games, we ended up losing 5 and draw 1. Winning was not our target, instead we just wanted to have some fun playing together and I strongly believe that this was achieved.


In the evening we organised an Okonomiyaki party with about 20 people joining in. Since I used to work in an Okonomiyaki restaurant in London (this is another long story…) I was in charge of the preparation which took me about an hour.


I had the chance to show my skills to my fellow guests and they all liked the final product. On top of that, this was another occasion to gather all together and meet new people while enjoying a nice and warm house party.


PS my body hurts so much after playing all those Futsal games.


Translated into Japanese by Dennis Chia



Alberto Giordano
Alberto Giordano
Hi everyone! My name's Alberto, I'm Italian and currently studying Marketing with Digital media in Edinburgh (UK). I came to Onagawa to learn more about their reconstruction project and also to make a video about a local business - Onagawa Ceramika Factory.
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