Christmas Day

Due to bad weather, our trip to the island was cancelled. However, there was still plenty to do on Christmas day.

We visited the fish auction site and learned about how the fishermen make sure they only sell the finest fish.

After some breakfast at one of the local cafes, we had the choice to either stay in Onagawa or take the train to Ishinomaki.

Ishinomaki is a much bigger town to Onagawa but was equally affected by the tsunami in 2011. It was interesting to see the differences in how the community has responded to the disaster and the actions they have taken to rebuild the community.

There were a few original souvenir shops like in Onagawa that were created in response to the disaster. For example, using the old fishing ships flags to create various accessories from bags, jewelry, pins and cushions.

For our last dinner together, we all gathered at the house and cooked a meat and vegetable barbecue with rice. It was delicious and so nice to spend the evening with each other.

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