The spirit of progress

Hello Maurice here,

I am participating here in a Christmas- camp. We are traveling around Onagawa and while doing so we see of course lots of the local culture here. We have been visiting local stores and have been talking with the owners about what inspires them too run these shops. We visited as well famous spots around here for instance Hamagurihama or the Ishimonaki region. We were the whole day in Onagawa to do Volunteering and enjoy the Christmas Festival which included a gorgeous firework. We have seen what moves the people; what makes them happy -, or which heavy burdens they have to go along with. The town here seems to be so alive, people are very openminded and have a strong sense for the community. Especially after being Ishimonaki I can say that Onagawa is very special about their reconstruction. The People here are working very well together in order too restore the place they live in. Its a big miracle to me how the people in Ongawa got the strength to move on in such hard times. Usually most of the communities are only frustrated about the enormous lost, meanwhile here the people group up and do their best for making a brighter and better future. The town is very alive in comparison too other towns I have seen in Japan. The inner city connects the people and everywhere is a place too stay at (like benches, public rooms etc.). It seems like the people from Onagawa are very hard trying to connect each other but also welcome and include foreigners.

More impressions,- to be continued.


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